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Parallel and Herringbone Parlors

Traditional milking parlors customized for your dairy farm's needs.

Parallel and Herringbone Parlors

We offer a range of parallel and herringbone parlors that are designed to moves cows through the milking process quickly and calmly, giving you the ability to do more with limited space. Varying levels of automation are available, ensuring a custom solution to best fit your farm's needs.

DeLaval P500 Parlor Milking System
Designed to do more on a smaller footprint.
- Up to 30% reduction of overall platform width
- Up to 56% reduction in exit cycle time with DeLaval SynchroSweep™
- Three cow flow control options

DeLaval Herringbone Parlors
- Easy maintenance
- Improved throughput
- Quick installation
- Strong and durable design
- Prioritized operator comfort

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