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DeLaval VMS™ Series

Reimagine your approach to dairy farming with the greatest automatic milking station available.

DeLaval VMS™ Series

The DeLaval VMS™ Series allows each cow to be milked according to her individual needs. The Voluntary Milking System allows you to reduce labor costs and increase productivity and profitability.

Key Benefits:
- Up to 7000lbs milk per day
- Up to 10% higher capacity
- Up to 50% faster attachment time
- Up to 99.8% attachment rate

Key Features:
- DeLaval DelPro™ farm management platform
- DeLaval InControl™ allows you to easily monitor and analyze data to help inform your decisions
- DeLaval PureFlow™ delivers the ultimate teat preparation
- DeLaval Insight™ camera and software drives the smoothest and most accurate robotic arm DeLaval has ever created

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