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Milking Essentials

Cooling tanks and Chillers


Protect your milk quality with high capacity cooling equipment.

Robotic Feed Refresher

DeLaval OptiDuo™ Robotic Feed Refresher

Remix feed with the DeLaval OptiDuo Robotic Feed Refresher.

Teat Spray Robot

DeLaval teat spray robot TSR

Achieve an accurate and consistent application of teat spray before and after milking.

Liners and Tubes

Liners and Tubes

We offer a wide assortment of liners and tubes to meet your specific production demands.

Milk Testing

Milk Testing

Ensure you are delivering the highest quality milk, 24/7.

Milk meters, clusters, and milking points.

Milking Points & Clusters

Use our range of milking points, clusters, and milk meters to ensure efficient milking.

Teat Dips

Teat Dips

Reducing mastitis with our range of high quality teat dips.

Vacuum Systems

Vacuum System

Solutions for efficient milk extraction, milk transport and for effective cleaning.

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